Pod Against the Machine: A Pathfinder Actual Play

MCFYB - 01 - 001 - The Ole Snap ’n’ Dab

August 3, 2022

Welcome to Jimmy Fame Presents Bonus Against the Machine: More Pod for your Bod, Sponsored by Charlie Th'Lizardfolk's Chicken Emporium: More Cluck for your Buck!  In our inaugural episode, join a brand new crew as we embark on the Pathfinder Second Edition One-shot Sundered Waves, led by Jeff in the GM seat!


Programming Note

We'll be playing this one-shot for the next two weeks, and then returning to the main story!


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Background music and sound effects:

Music: Prepare For War by Alexander Nakarada
Music: Party Pirates by Alexander Nakarada
Music: Jolly Good, Captain by Alexander Nakarada
Music: Battle Loop [Loop ready] by Alexander Nakarada
Hermit Hut (Ambience Only), Lakeside Camp, Ambience Only, and Quiet Cove, Ambience Only
Tabletop Audio
Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com/ (edited)

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