Pod Against the Machine: A Pathfinder Actual Play

043 - (Ghost) Tears for Fears

October 13, 2021

That ghost sure is trouble.  And then there's the whole rest of the fort to deal with.  And Scrapwall just across the river...



We’re late to the party, and many others have already said it much better than we could, but here goes.  We are saddened and deeply disturbed by the allegations leveled against Paizo management and demand accountability from leadership.  We condemn the wrongful treatment of members of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities.  We encourage Paizo management to take appropriate, tangible, measurable actions to address these issues.  We encourage the burgeoning Scrapper community to keep being as awesome and inclusive as you’ve always been, and to show your support to current and past Paizo creators in the coming days.

For more information and ways to help and stay up-to-date on the situation, check the latest on the #PaizoAccountability hashtag on Twitter.  If you'd like to reach out to some of the people who work so hard to create the games and content we love, or find ways to support them, try starting with this link.  It's by no means a complete reference, but hopefully it helps.



Background music and sound effects:

FireandIce by Lilo Sound
Defiled Temple, and Nordic Noir (Music Only)
Tabletop Audio




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